"The Arctic in winter has hidden changing photographic opportunities waiting to be found.  The light at dawn and dusk over the mountains takes your breath away and is unlike any other location; and where the jagged mountains meet the sea, vast white sandy beaches and picturesque ‘Rorbuer’ fishing huts stand precariously on the shore, who wouldn’t want to be here?  Not surprising that the arctic landscapes of Tromsø and Lofoten is at the top of any photographer’s bucket list!
This wild, remote and extraordinary landscape has inspired many artists and we will spend our time chasing the light both during the daytime and at night to capture and enjoy the magic within this stunning landscape; and if we are lucky there is no better place than Lofoten to witness the Aurora Borealis. 
Plenty of picturesque fishing villages, such as Reine, Hamnøy and Å, amazing coastlines very near including Utakleiv and Skagsanden, all surrounded by peaked rugged mountains,  perfect locations for the immensely beautiful Aurora Borealis if we have clear skies at night, but also dramatic with storm clouds and waves.
This time of year is a perfect time to enjoy the winter in the arctic with 2 experienced leaders, both Andy and Carla have photographed and worked in the icy conditions many times and have some great hidden winter landscapes to show you. 
We are lucky to have secured 10 nights in this beautiful area off the west coast of Norway; there is no other dramatic coast like it.  We will start our trip by flying into Tromsø, in the northern arctic circle and heading to the stunning location of Sommarøy where we have 3 nights to explore the area.  We then head south into the heart of Lofoten and enjoy traditional hospitality from our base where we are perfectly located to drive to many locations depending on the weather and light conditions each day, we have no set itinerary, the weather dictates our daily locations and we have 6 nights here before our final night back in Tromsø ready for flights home on the last day.
Please note that although this is listed as a ‘easy’ on the scale a reasonable degree of fitness will be required as we will be travelling through icy and rough conditions underfoot to make the most of these fabulous locations. The vans will be close by so we don’t expect you to carry heavy camera bags on your backs all day long! Any clients that want to stay closer to the vehicle’s can and of course if you get cold you can always warm up in the vans to.  Our days will be long but rewarding and plenty of food stops to keep us going on the chase of the Northern Lights!" 



This tour is running with Light and Land Photography Tours and Workshops,

please follow the link for booking and further information.



10 nights, 11 days.



First three nights Sommarøy

Six nights in Leknes.

Last night Tromsø

Max Group number 12 (14 to include 2 leaders)


Fitness level: 

Easy/Moderate, due to snow and ice a possibility with it being winter, Yaktrax are highly recommended to help provide extra grip.



All accommodation, all minibus transport, all tuition, all breakfasts.



All other meals, insurances, flights and transportation to Lofoten.

Additional Information:

A full break down of equipment and clothing required will be sent out closer to the trip but this gives you a guide.

What camera kit?

An array of focal lengths benefit us, a wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer (70-300) will all be ideal to cover a variety of possibilities. The most used will be the 24-70. Ideally a lens with an aperture of F2.8 for night photography as well. The bags will be near by the vehicles for lots of the trip so we don't expect you to carry it on your backs all day long!



Filters and a polariser.

Waterproof cover to protect from rain/sleet/snow.

Spare battery!

Suitable clothing?

Footwear is the most important factor here -  I use North Face Chillkats, which are fleece lined snow boots with a good tread and warm. Norway doesnt tend to get as cold as mainland Sweden or Finland (-40) but i suggest merino wool base layers/leggings or snow/ski trousers, these are great at keeping warmth in whilst stood around with our cameras.  Hat, gloves are important too, but mostly its layering - if you get too hot you can always remove a layer!

Where to meet?

We will be flying into Tromso so we can either meet at the airport in Gatwick or we will all meet up in arrivals at Tromso.


What are the flight times?

These will be availably soon.

Do i need to bring a computer?

Its not essential, it does help if the weather should turn against us, we can cover processing techniques together, this being said, you are welcome to watch anything i do.  Its great for reviewing images that day and checking you are getting sharp images and happy with the performance so it does to help to bring it.

Any other questions please ask!

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