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The summer months are a perfect time to enjoy Cornwall's Night skies, the Milky Way is visible above the horizon and you can often find yourself just staring straight up into the sky!


We've booked these dates to co-inside with the moon cycle of a new moon to prevent our skies being washed out from the brightness of the moon. 

If you've always wanted to enjoy a weekend to photograph Cornwall by night then this weekend has been planned for just that.  We are staying in close proximity to the most stunning location of St Michael's Mount in West Cornwall, we also have tin mines and lighthouses all nearby, our location choice is endless! 


Upon arrival at midday on the Friday we will get plenty of time to familiarise you with night photography settings, to explain how to shoot at night and cover basics of night photography ready to head out on Friday evening for our first shoot together.


This weekend is based upon heading out each evening to capture Cornwall by night and should the weather hinder our attempts to photograph at night we will of course be out during other times with sleep when we can.  We are located very close to many locations and we will spend as much time on location as possible and hopefully the skies will stay clear for us to photograph stars and night scenes and enjoy the 'Cornish' milky way!

Cornwall night photography workshop and tour
milky way over St Michaels mount in Cornwall on a workshop and tour
Porthleven at night
Porthleven at night with the Milky Way


2 nights, 3 days.



A well located B&B or hotel nearby.

Fitness level: 




All accommodation on single occupancy basis, all tuition, Breakfasts.


All other meals, insurances and transport.

Non photography partners are welcome to join for an extra £100.

Further Information:

To keep the cost of this workshop down we will be using our own vehicles and not hiring a minivan, both David and myself will be driving and happy to take some clients. We are in peak season so the cost of this tour is a little more to cover the higher prices of hotels during this time of year.

We cannot guarantee clear skies, we will of course be out as much as we can to try and photograph at night but we do not control the weather.

Additional Information:

What camera kit?

The most essential piece of kit for this workshop is a TRIPOD, REMOTE RELEASE and a lens with an aperture capable of f3.5.  Ideally f2.8 or even f1.8 would be really great, so please get in touch if you are unsure, we want you to get the best out of this weekend.

Alongside the essential camera kit you need a camera with an array of focal lengths, a wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer (70-300) will all be ideal to cover a variety of possibilities. The most used will be the 24-70.  If the weather should turn against us in the evenings then we will do our best to go out during the days for shoots to.  The bags will be near by the vehicles for lots of the trip so we don't expect you to carry it on your backs all day long!

Filters and a polariser.


Remote Release

Waterproof cover to protect from rain/sleet/snow.

Spare battery!

Suitable clothing? layers, warm jacket, maybe hat as the nights get colder.

Footwear is the most important factor here -  good walking shoes/boats, wellingtons for wet beaches especially at night.

Headtorch is essential!!

Please try and purchase one with a red light, this really helps at night with photography and not glaring into others when moving around.

Where to meet?

These details will be released nearer the time.

Do i need to bring a computer?

Its not essential, it does help if the weather should turn against us, we can cover processing techniques together, this being said, you are welcome to watch anything i do.  Its great for reviewing images that day and checking you are getting sharp images and happy with the performance so it does help to bring it.

Any other questions please ask!

This workshop is being sold in conjunction with David Clapp Photography,

Please click this link to find out more info on David.

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