Intimate Lofoten February 

1st Feb - 10th Feb 2019

The coastline here is as beautifully dramatic as anywhere on the planet. The beaches of Haukland, Utakleiv, Skagsanden are within half an hours drive of our base, along with numerous other stretches of unnamed coastline. Slightly further afield are the charming villages of Reine and Hamnøy, two of the most idyllic coastal locations one could ever imagine. Above the Arctic Circle is also a great place to see and photograph the Northern Lights and we will be out every night exploring the skies.

The light in the winter in Lofoten is wonderful, the sun doesn't rise very high above the horizon at this time of year so we can shoot all day and hopefully into the dusk hours.  Followed by night time photography with the stars.  With many harbours, boats, coastal scenes, and of course the mountains you will not be disappointed by this landscape!

We have chosen this particular time to go because of two reasons, the arctic winter light is stunning, with lingering sunrises and sunsets lasting hours and the moon will be at its lowest brightness so should we get nights of northern light activity the moonlight will not hamper this.

Small fishing village in Lofoten, Norway at sunrise
A house in the blowing snow on the island of Lofoten, Norway in winter
A view over Hamnøy in Lofoten, Norway at dusk with slow moving clouds and soft seas, the little red fishing rorbuer on the waters edge
Northern lights over the beach in Lofoten, Norway.  Aurora Borealis reflected in the wet sand on the beach.


9 nights, 10 days.



Our accommodation will be split between hotels and Rorbuer (red cabins on the water's edge) if you require further info please ask, full details will be available shortly.

Single occupancy rooms.

Max Group number 10

Some self catering will be involved at the cabins, we have supermarkets nearby and can easily cater for ourselves, there is also a restaurant for those that prefer this.

Fitness level: 

Easy-Moderate, due to snow and ice a possibility with it being winter, Yaktrax are highly recommended to help provide extra grip.



All accommodation, all minibus transport, all tuition, breakfasts at Leknes.



All other meals, insurances, flights and transportation to Lofoten.

This trip is being run in conjunction with David Clapp Photography, David is a highly successful landscape and Travel photographer bringing many years experience, has run trips to this location with me on numerous years as well as his own, David is also a skilled adobe expert. 


Trip Plan: 

After departing London, we change flights at Oslo and fly into Evenes (Harstad/Narvik) this is half way down towards the Lofoten Islands, four hours south of Tromsø.  Once landed and bags collected we make our way towards our first stop at Svolvær, this will be our base for the first 2 nights.  We can unpack and sort our gear out ready for the next day, should the northern lights show then we will head out for an evening shoot.  From here we have plenty of photography locations to explore before heading south deeper into Lofoten where we stay in a wonderful location perfectly suited to explore the area north of Reine and Hamnøy at a hotel based in Leknes.  Our main base will be in the cabins at Reine, a waterside location, warm and cosy, what better way to explore the Lofoten islands than staying in traditional fisherman's cabins called Rorbuer.  We are in no rush to go anywhere, the time is our own, we have no set itinerary for this tour. In the arctic during the winter months, nature dictates our every move. Daylight hours are short but the light can be simply sublime so we will try and spend the maximum amount of time out shooting.

Safety is a paramount concern on this tour. The cold is an ever-present problem. The ground may often be covered in ice and snow so falls are a constant risk. You must ensure that you are adequately dressed for the conditions (see Clothing section below) to avoid the more direct effects of the cold.

Provided the conditions are safe, when the forecast looks promising we will go out at night to try and photograph the Northern Lights. If we are fortunate we will have calm and clear conditions around our base and along the Lofoten Island chain. The islands of Vestvagøy, Flakstadøya and Moskennesøya make ideal locations for this kind of photography. We may, on occasion, need to go a little further afield to find clear skies so please bear this in mind. We will ensure this is done as comfortably and safely as possible. The road conditions can often be treacherous so we will constantly assess whether it is safe to proceed.  If we encounter bad weather we will use this to our advantage and look at images, editing techniques and frequent the local coffee shop!! (which has an excellent reputation by the way!)

Additional Information:

What camera kit?

An array of focal lengths, a wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer (70-300) will all be ideal to cover a variety of possibilities. The most used will be the 24-70.  The bags will be near by the vehicles for lots of the trip so we don't expect you to carry it on your backs all day long! A lens with F2.8 aperture at 16-35mm or 24mm would be ideal for night skies.



Filters and a polariser.

Waterproof cover to protect from rain/sleet/snow.

Spare battery!

Suitable clothing?

Footwear is the most important factor here -  I use North Face Chillkats, which are fleece lined snow boots with a good tread and warm. Norway doesnt tend to get as cold as mainland Sweden or Finland (-40) but i suggest merino wool base layers/leggings or snow/ski trousers, these are great at keeping warmth in whilst stood around with our cameras.  Waterproof/windproof jacket, puffa down coat, hat, gloves are important too, but mostly its layering - if you get too hot you can always remove a layer!

A more detailed itinerary and notes will be sent out a little closer to the trip.

Where to meet?

We will be flying into Harstad/Narvic (Evenes) which will be on flight two so we can either meet at the airport at Gatwick or we will all meet up in arrivals at Evenes. (This is a two part flight changing at Oslo, see below).


What are the flight times?


Norweigian Air -

Friday 1st Feb 2019

LGW 09:20 > OSLO 12:20

OSLO 13:25 > NARV 15:05 (this is meeting location, unless met up previous)

Sunday 10th Feb 2019

NARV 15:40 > OSLO 

OSLO 18:40 > LGW 20:00

Do i need to bring a computer?

Its not essential, it does help if the weather should turn against us, we can cover processing techniques together, this being said, you are welcome to watch anything i do.  Its great for reviewing images that day and checking you are getting sharp images and happy with the performance so it does help to bring it.

Any other questions please ask!

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