Carla Regler is a photographer with a passion for landscape, seascape and aerial photography. Carla's images have won her many awards, the Porthleven Storm images amongst many of those with accolades and have featured across national and international newspapers, magazines and TV as well as wining the weather category in the prestigious British Life Awards.  


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Carla runs her own photography tours and workshops business and has had images featured in numerous galleries across the UK including OXO Gallery London, The Mall London and The Royal Albert Hall.  Carla has developed a thorough understanding of printing and works with fine art printers to produce the best Limited Edition Prints for her clients.  Shooting exclusively with Canon and more recently DJI drones has allowed her vision to capture unique aerial images of the local area.

Until recently Carla's home was the beautiful village of Porthleven in Cornwall, famous for the waves and the clocktower by the sea.  It was here with her partner Chris and their dogs they also had the successful restaurant - Seadrift Kitchen Cafe and this was also home to Carla's photography gallery. 

​Now new challenges lie ahead with a lifestyle move to the Outer Hebrides to not only continue running photography tours both uk and worldwide but also a guesthouse!” 

Carla is a CAA Licensed and insured Drone pilot operating in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles) Scotland.  Willing to travel further afield depending on project required.  Held a PfCO for 2 years and now updated to the current specification of GVC, A2CofC and holds an Operational Authorisation.

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Current Kit List

For as long as I've known cameras I've been a 'Canon' shooter, they say you just know what you prefer and for myself its comfort, ease of use and reliability, I've worked with many different cameras over the years and I'm very familiar with all Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji etc so when out of location with any of my workshops or tours i'll be able to assist you with knowledge of your camera systems too.

At present I have the following;

Canon EOS 5DMRK 4

Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L mrk 2

Canon EF 24-70mm IS L f4

Canon EF 100-400mm IS L mrk 2

Canon EF 1.4 mrk 3 Converter

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Im currently testing the latest flagship Canon R5, RF 24-70 F2.8 IS L and the 100-500mm

For all this equipment a sturdy tripod is essential and my go to is GITZO with a Acratech Ballhead.  There are of course plenty of other options but make sure your tripod is sturdy especially if shooting heavy long lenses in all types of weather!!

I am supported by LEE FILTERS and all my tours and workshop clients also have access to a full set of LEE FILTERS if required when on location, this is a wonderful way to test out what you might need before purchasing.